Composterduo 600

Composterduo 600
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The HortoDUO garden composter offers a practical and natural solution for managing organic waste from the kitchen and garden.

Key Details:
– Capacity: 600 / 800 liters
– Sizes: 770x1340x850 / 780x1350x1090
– Made of recycled and recyclable polyethylene, certified “PSV – Second Life Plastic”

– Allows for reduction of environmental impact and purchase of chemical fertilizers
– Comes with a composting manual accessible via the CompostUP application
– Designed to reproduce the natural composting cycle with adequate insulation and humidity levels
– Modular structure with hinged walls for easy assembly and ventilation
– Resistant to weather and chemicals, with a large fixed lid and self-cleaning rods

Overall, the HortoDUO composter, with the option to add an extension module, is ideal for medium to large volumes of organic waste and offers a sustainable way to produce compost at home.

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