Leaf Bin

Leaf Bin
Made From Wood
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Leaf Bin is a specialized composting bin designed specifically for composting leaves. It features a wire mesh design to prevent leaves from clogging together and promote airflow. The front panel slides out for easy access to the leaf compost, and the restraining bar can be removed for unimpeded access.

Additional lids are available for purchase separately, which aid in compressing the leaves to speed up decomposition and allow for more leaves to be gathered in the bin.

The Leaf Bin is available in different compartment sizes:
– 0.60m x 0.60m x 0.90m
– 0.90m x 0.90m x 0.90m
– 1.20m x 1.20m

Please note that lids are sold separately. For more detailed information and pricing, you can refer to the provided links (not available here) for the full description and price list.

Overall, the Leaf Bin is a practical option for those looking to specifically compost leaves effectively.

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