HOTBIN Mini Composter

HOTBIN Mini Composter
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The HOTBIN Mini is a compact and efficient hot composter designed for small gardens and households with 1-2 people. Made from a recyclable material called ARPRO, it is super insulating and helps in quick composting without added accelerators.

Key Features:
– Ideal for smaller households and gardens, handling a minimum of 2.5kg or 5 liters of waste per week.
– No assembly required, making it easy to start composting.
– Designed to quickly break down food and garden waste without odors, flies, or the need for constant turning.
– Can compost a wide range of waste, including cooked food scraps, meat, bones, and pet waste.

HOTBIN Benefits:
– Efficient composting at temperatures of 40-60°C, turning waste into compost in as little as 30-90 days.
– Reduces landfill waste and promotes a greener lifestyle by recycling household waste into peat-free compost at home.
– Sealed design with a filter helps reduce pest attraction and keeps the composting process tidy and discreet.
– Saves money on green waste collections and offers a sustainable alternative to traditional composting methods.

Overall, the HOTBIN Mini is a convenient and effective composting solution for small households and gardens, offering quick results and the ability to compost a wide variety of waste materials.

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