Neter 20 industrial composting machine

Neter 20 industrial composting machine
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Neter20 food waste processing system has a capacity to handle between 285-855 kg of food waste per day, or 2000-6000 kg per week, translating to 104-312 tons per year. It is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through calculated processes. The equipment includes features like a dewatering unit, automatic pellets feeder, fan, biofilter, and various optional accessories like shredder, composter, scales, sensors, and alarms for enhanced functionality. Additionally, it has a large cylinder with a ventilation connection, operates on 4 phase 400V 50Hz 16A power, and has a modern touch screen panel for user convenience. The system is quite sizable, measuring 10400mm in length, 2300mm in width, and 2600mm in height.

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