WF-2000p Westcom Industrail Compost Machine

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The WF-2000p Westcom Industrial Compost Machine is a high-capacity waste-to-compost solution designed for efficient and environmentally sustainable food waste treatment. Here are some key points based on the provided information:

1. **Features**:
– Converts food waste to compost within 24 hours using Westcom proprietary Microbites.
– User-friendly design with smart technology.
– Measures 3400mm in width, 3300mm in depth, and 3400mm in height.
– Recommended daily capacity of 2000kg.
– No water discharge required, low energy usage, and utilizes cloud computing.
– In-house R&D for continuous development and improvement.

2. **Biodigesters**:
– Utilizes biotechnology to develop microbial consortium for efficient food waste treatment.
– Incorporates smart technology in aerobic biodigesters for optimized performance.
– Engages in continuous R&D with partnerships with research institutes.
– Deployed biodigesters in various locations to divert food waste from incinerators and landfills.

3. **Waste Handling**:
– Offers solutions focused on environmental sustainability and the circular economy.
– Manages compost by-product based on customer preferences, either for personal use or recycling.
– Provides guidance on handling non-food waste items and maintenance of the composting system.

4. **Technical Details**:
– Provides answers to common questions such as microbe production location, water discharge, compost handling, and usage tracking.

In conclusion, the WF-2000p Westcom Industrial Compost Machine offers a comprehensive and advanced solution for large-scale food waste management, with a strong focus on sustainability and operational efficiency. The system’s compact design and smart technology make it a suitable choice for industrial applications requiring effective waste-to-compost conversion.

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