Converter Composting machines RN 700

Converter Composting machines RN 700
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product: R-Nature Organic Waste Converter Machine

Capacity: 700 KG/day
Dimensions: 10.9(L) x 4.8(W) x 6.5(H) ft
Power: 18.6KW; 3 Phase 440V, 50Hz
Industry Applications: Office complexes, exhibitions, hotels, apartment complexes, IT parks, municipalities, shopping malls

1. Waste Audit: Quantifies amount of waste generated.
2. Customized Machine Capacity: Tailored to unique requirements.
3. Demonstration and Installation: Conducted by trained professionals.
4. Post-Installation Support: Expert care, services, and original spares provided.
5. Proactive Maintenance: Periodic inspections via AMC.
6. Precompost Care: Assists in utilizing excess precompost efficiently.

– Decomposable Materials: Information on what can and cannot be decomposed.
– Decomposition Duration: Details on the time taken for decomposition.
– Precompost Removal Frequency: Guidance on removing precompost.
– Harmful Discharge: Information on potential discharge from the equipment.
– Infestation Concerns: Addressing issues related to flies and other infestations.
– By-Product Utilization: Guidance on using the by-product.
– Space Requirement: Information on space needed for the machine.
– Attention Demand: Clarification on the equipment’s maintenance needs.

Overall, the R-Nature Organic Waste Converter Machine offers a comprehensive solution for managing organic waste efficiently, with tailored capacities and support services to meet various industry needs. It is designed to provide a sustainable and effective waste management solution for a range of commercial establishments.

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