Tiger Worms For Wormery

Tiger Worms For Wormery
Made From Organic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Tiger worms provided in 250-gram pouches are ideal for worm composting in a wormery. They are shipped securely and may arrive in a dormant state but will revive after a few days.

Tiger worms, also known as Brandling worms (Eisenia fetida), are preferred for their adaptability, tolerance to different conditions, versatility, and speed of composting compared to other native worm species. They reach sexual maturity in approximately 6 weeks.

It is noted that Tiger worms are slightly more expensive but considered significantly better for worm composting in comparison to Dendrobaena worms. Younger worms are preferred for their increased appetite.

When choosing worms for a wormery, factors such as condition, age, size, and species are more critical than weight. While Dendrobaena worms are more widely available and cheaper due to their breeding for use as fishing bait, Tiger worms are favored for their composting efficiency.

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