Pelletised Worm Treats (1.5 Kg Bag)

Pelletised Worm Treats (1.5 Kg Bag)
Made From Organic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The “Ecowood” pelletised treats are specifically designed to help manage excess moisture in your wormery and accelerate the composting process. They are made from 100% sustainably resourced and non-contaminated wood waste. A 1.5kg bag can last for about 6 months in typical use, and adding a handful every 3-4 weeks can keep your wormery balanced and efficient.

These treats are natural accelerators for your worm-assisted compost system, providing essential nutrients for the worms. They are easy to use and can visibly improve the performance of your worm composter. Additionally, the pellets absorb excess moisture, helping to maintain an optimal environment for your worms.

Overall, the “Ecowood” pelletised treats are a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to enhance the functionality of your wormery.

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