Biodegradable 5lt Compost Caddy Liners (20 Per Roll)

Biodegradable 5lt Compost Caddy Liners (20 Per Roll)
Type of business: Manufacturer

The 20 x 5ltr bags provided on a roll are fully biodegradable and compostable. They are made from a vegetable starch-based material and are compliant with European Standard EN13432. These liners can be composted in both industrial and domestic composters.

Once full, the liners can be placed directly into domestic compost bins or local compost collection schemes. Under normal composting conditions, the bags degrade within 45 days without causing any harm to the composting process. They leave zero trace elements and no toxic residue. The liners are suitable for Odour Free Compost Caddies but can also fit many other standard containers.

Overall, these liners offer an eco-friendly solution for waste disposal and composting, making them a convenient and sustainable option for households and businesses alike.

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