Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

This compost bin is a sustainable and functional choice for individuals looking to efficiently compost their organic waste. Its standout features include:

– **Two Large Filling Hatches**: Easy to fill and access for adding compost materials.
– **Optimal Aeration System**: Facilitates fast composting.
– **Thermo Walls Made from Thermolene®**: Helps maintain ideal composting temperatures.
– **Tool-Free Assembly**: Simplifies the setup process.
– **Cover Lock**: Allows for summer/winter operation adjustments and wind-proofing.
– **Eco-Friendly Construction**: Made from 100% recycled material.
– **Option for Soil Fence Accessory**: Enhances the composting system (sold separately).
– **Three Size Options**: 400L, 600L, and 900L volumes available.
– **Dimensions**: 740mm x 740mm x 840mm, weighing 13kg.

Overall, this compost bin offers a convenient solution for composting needs with its user-friendly design and environmentally conscious materials.

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