The Original Hay Soaker

The Original Hay Soaker
Made From Hard Plasttic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Original Hay Soaker offers a convenient and efficient way to soak hay, making it an essential tool for maintaining the health of horses with various conditions. The product’s features, such as the patented drainage tray and tap, along with its durable design and aeration vents, contribute to its effectiveness and ease of use.

Key Features:
– Can hold a medium haynet full of hay
– Robust and weather-resistant design
– Secure locking clips and handles for easy handling
– Patented drainage tray for efficient water removal
– Brass aeration vents for airflow
– Tap that allows water to be emptied in a different location
– Dimensions: 100 liters capacity, 73cm height, 53cm width, 43cm depth

Additional Tips:
– Use a hay net to contain hay within the soaker
– Soak hay for 5-20 minutes to remove dust or reduce sugars by up to 31% with a 1-hour soak
– Wait 24 hours before using soaked hay
– Direct water flow elsewhere by attaching a hose to the tap
– Feed livestock 2-3% of their body weight daily

Overall, The Original Hay Soaker seems to be a practical solution for effectively soaking hay to address various equine health concerns and maintain proper weight management.

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