Model T480 Composting Machine

Model T480 Composting Machine
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Big Hanna T480 composter offers a significant capacity to handle food waste, making it suitable for a range of settings such as households, catering kitchens, and canteens. Here are some key features and specifications:

– Capacity: Processes between 115-240 kg of food waste per day, with the potential to handle between 41-124 tons of food waste annually for 275-650 households.
– Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient operation with low energy consumption due to its biological process that generates temperatures of 55-65ºC. The heater is only used in cold temperatures.
– Materials: Built with stainless steel components for durability and hygiene.
– Technical Features: Equipped with temperature sensors, inspection doors, a touch screen panel, and optional accessories like moisture sensors, CO2 sensors, and scales for monitoring and control.
– Optional Equipment: Offers add-ons such as wireless router, alarms via email or SMS, energy meter, RFID reader, biofilter, and more for enhanced functionality.
– Maintenance: Requires regular check-ups and cleanliness to ensure optimal performance.

Overall, the Big Hanna T480 composter is a robust solution for managing food waste efficiently and sustainably, with the ability to reduce waste volume significantly and produce compost for further use.

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