4000-00-03 Composter Mantis ComposT-Twin

4000-00-03 Composter Mantis ComposT-Twin
Made From Other Metal
Type of business: Manufacturer

### Mantis ComposT-Twin Composter Review

The Mantis ComposT-Twin is a large-capacity, dual-bin compost tumbler that offers efficient composting with its innovative design. Here are some key features and specifications:

– **Design**: Dual-drums with gear-driven handle for easy rotation
– **Capacity**: Each bin holds up to 25 cubic feet, with a total volume of 186 gallons (704 liters)
– **Construction**: Non-toxic powder-coated galvannealed steel drums and tubular steel frame with a rust-resistant finish
– **Ventilation and Drainage**: Vented doors and end caps ensure proper airflow and moisture control
– **Mixing and Turning**: Built-in mixing fins prevent contents from sticking to drum sides, making it easy to turn and mix materials

– Large capacity for efficient composting
– Dual-bin design allows for continuous composting
– Sturdy construction with rust-resistant materials
– Easy-to-use gear-driven handle for rotating drums

– Lack of wheels may make it challenging to move when fully loaded
– Limited warranty of 2 years

Overall, the Mantis ComposT-Twin is a reliable and high-efficiency compost tumbler ideal for gardeners looking to create compost in larger quantities.

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