Smartx-10 Small scale l Machine Composter

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Smartx-10 Small Commercial Machine Composter by Westcom Bio-Tech Pte Ltd offers an innovative solution for converting food waste into compost within 24 hours. Here is a summary of key features and information based on the provided details:

– **Features**:
– **Microbites Technology**: Uses proprietary Microbites to expedite the composting process.
– **Dimensions**: 900mm width, 550mm depth, 830mm height for a compact design.
– **Capacity**: Recommended daily capacity of 10KG.
– **No Water Discharge**: Operates without the need for water drainage installation.
– **Low Energy Usage**: Energy-efficient design for sustainable operation.
– **Cloud Computing**: Incorporates smart technology for efficient waste degradation.
– **Biodigesters**: Utilizes biotechnology and smart technology for optimal waste treatment.

– **Waste Treatment**:
– Focus on environmental sustainability with waste treatment, reduction, recycling, and reuse.
– Aims to preserve and improve health, living standards, and the environment for current and future generations.

– **Microbes**:
– Microbes are produced in Singapore, ensuring quality and control over the production process.
– The microbes aid in breaking down food waste effectively without the need for additional water.

– **Compost Handling**:
– Provides options for customers to retain compost for personal use or collect it during routine servicing for recycling or community farming sponsorship.

– **User Data Tracking**:
– System is RFID-enabled to track user data for mandatory monthly food waste reporting.

– **Microbe Management**:
– Microbes need to be topped up during routine servicing to ensure optimal performance based on capacity utilization.

– **Size**:
– Offers compact models for different capacities ranging from 2-5kg for retail to 300-2000kg for industrial use.

– **Odor Control**:
– The digester is designed to minimize odors through the use of proprietary microbes and sealed biodigester design.

– **Food Waste Compatibility**:
– Can process various types of segregated food waste, including cooked food with oil, but excessive oil content might affect microbial performance.

Overall, the Smartx-10 Composter provides an efficient and sustainable solution for food waste management, suitable for commercial establishments aiming for environmentally friendly waste treatment practices.

For further inquiries or to assess specific needs, you can contact Westcom Bio-Tech Pte Ltd for a site survey to determine the most suitable model for your requirements.

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