WF-1000p Westcom Industrail Compost Machine

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product: WF-1000p Westcom Industrial Compost Machine

The WF-1000p Westcom Industrial Compost Machine is designed to convert food waste to compost within 24 hours using Westcom’s proprietary Microbites technology. It is user-friendly, incorporating smart technology for efficient operation.

Key Features:
– Dimensions: 4080mm (width) x 2050mm (depth) x 2660mm (height)
– Recommended daily capacity: 1000KG
– No Water Discharge: Aerobic digestion process requires no additional water, eliminating the need for water drainage installation and compliance issues with sewage systems.
– Low energy usage
– Cloud Computing integration for data tracking
– In-house R&D for continuous technology development

– Environmentally sustainable waste-to-compost solution
– Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding food waste incineration
– Internalized R&D laboratory for ongoing innovation and improvement

FAQs Highlights:
1. Microbes production: Microbes are produced in Singapore.
2. Water discharge: The biodigester does not require water drainage installation, as water from food waste is emitted during the digestion process below 40°C.
3. Compost handling: Compost can be kept by customers for personal use or collected during routine servicing for recycling.
4. Non-food waste disposal: The agitator in the digester helps segregate non-food waste items for post-segregation.
5. User data tracking: RFID technology enables data collection for mandatory monthly food waste reporting.
6. Microbes top-up: Microbes are initially loaded during installation and topped up during routine servicing based on capacity utilization.
7. Compact model availability: The digester comes in various sizes suitable for different capacities and facilities, with compact options available.
8. Odor management: Proprietary microbes and sealed design help control odors, making it suitable for installations in healthcare environments.
9. Acceptable food waste types: The machine can handle various segregated food waste, including cooked food with oil in moderation to maintain microbial performance.

Overall, the WF-1000p Westcom Industrial Compost Machine offers an efficient and sustainable solution for converting food waste to compost, with user-friendly features and advanced technology integration.

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