Plastic Compost Bin Expansion Add On 100 litres
Plastic Compost Bin Expansion Add On 100 litres
Made From Wood
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Product: Plastic Compost Bin Expansion Add-On
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The Tekplas Plastic Compost Bin Expansion Add-On is designed to increase the capacity of your 500 Liter compost bin to 1000 Liters. It is sturdy and made from high-quality UPVC material, including 50% recycled content. The kit is easy to assemble, allowing you to rotate or separate compostable waste efficiently.

– Made from durable UPVC material
– Quick to assemble
– Designed to increase compost bin capacity
– Comes with 3 sides of the bin, T&G panels, posts, caps, top brace bars, and a ground spike
– Ideal for generating good quality compost
– Allows for easy access and maintenance

– Length and Width: 92cm
– Height: 77.5cm

Tips for Composting:
– Set up the bin on a surface allowing airflow
– Cover the compost loosely to allow water to pass through
– Add vegetable kitchen waste and garden soil for faster composting
– Rotate composting materials to aerate

Shipping & Returns:
– The compost bin add-on includes 3 sides only
– Shipping details available at checkout
– Returns possible as per the company’s policies

The Tekplas Plastic Compost Bin Expansion Add-On is a practical and durable solution for increasing compost capacity. It offers ease of assembly and maintenance, making it a reliable option for composting enthusiasts. The product’s construction and design are aimed at creating good quality compost efficiently.

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