Model T40 Composter Machine

Model T40 Composter Machine
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

This hopper composter features a connection to sewage or a bucket for easy disposal of food waste. It is recommended to screen the compost for any foreign objects before use. Storing the compost on a maturation bay or directly on the ground is suggested for optimal maturation with the help of worms and microflora.

The composter can handle a daily food waste capacity of 10-15 kg or up to 25 kg with a mechanical dewaterer. It has a volume of 0.61 m³ and weighs 200 kg when empty. Optional equipment includes a mechanical macerator, biofilter, and a variety of sensors for monitoring. The composter runs on 240V power supply with an energy consumption of 1.01 kWh per day for the standard model.

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