IM4000 43-Gallon Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

IM4000 43-Gallon Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is a convenient and efficient way to turn kitchen and yard waste into compost for your garden. Its dual-chamber design allows for quick curing, with one chamber finishing while the other is available for adding fresh scraps. The tumbling feature makes mixing easy and efficient, with the compost potentially finishing in as little as 2 weeks under optimal conditions. The compost bin is constructed of sturdy materials such as 100% post-consumer recycled, UV-inhibited, BPA-free polypropylene and galvanized steel. Additionally, it features aeration holes and deep fins for excellent oxygen infusion and aeration. The large openings and removable door make it user-friendly for beginners. Overall, this composter offers a total volume of 43 gallons (5.75 cu ft) and is a durable and practical option for creating nutrient-rich compost.

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