HOTBIN Mega (Expansion Kit)

HOTBIN Mega (Expansion Kit)
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The HOTBIN Mega with Expansion Kit is designed to provide a larger composting capacity of up to 700 litres compared to the standard 450-litre model. It features innovative design and highly insulating walls that help maintain optimal composting temperature for faster decomposition without the need for additional accelerators or activators.

Key Features:
– Expansion Kit allows you to increase the capacity from 450 to 700 litres
– Easy assembly with 2 people in approximately 5-10 minutes
– Facilitates HOT composting which breaks down waste quickly and efficiently
– Reduces landfill waste by composting various types of waste, including weeds, at temperatures above 40°C
– No issues with odors, flies, or the need for turning and tumbling
– Compatible with composting cooked food scraps, weeds, bones, and even pet waste

Before HOTBIN:
– Waste decomposition can take a year or more
– Difficult to compost certain materials like weeds, seeds, or cooked food scraps
– Complex and labor-intensive traditional composting methods
– Concerns about pests and vermin in open cold heaps
– Compostable waste often ends up in landfills or incinerators

– Rapid waste breakdown at temperatures of 40-60°C within 30-90 days
– Can compost a wider range of materials like weeds, cooked food leftovers, and bones
– Easy composting process without turning or tumbling required
– Effective pest control with proper usage
– Diverts organic household waste away from landfills

Overall, the HOTBIN Mega with Expansion Kit offers a sustainable and efficient solution for composting various types of waste, contributing to a healthier and greener environment. It simplifies the composting process and addresses common challenges associated with traditional composting methods.

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