Electric Compact self Contained Composting Toilet

Electric Compact self Contained Composting Toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Sun-Mar Compact is an elegant low-profile composting toilet designed for residential or light to medium cottage use. It features a new variable diameter Bio-drum for composting, with a capacity for 1 adult (residential use) or 3 adults/family of 4 (weekend and vacation use). The design includes a recessed Bio-drum handle for mixing and aerating compost, along with a 2″ vent stack and 3/4″ emergency drain.

– Elegant and low-profile design to complement any bathroom
– Variable diameter Bio-drum for efficient composting
– Suitable for light residential or cottage use
– Includes vent stack and emergency drain for added convenience

– May not be suitable for heavy residential use
– Requires contacting the sales department for purchase and shipping information

Overall, the Sun-Mar Compact seems to be a well-designed composting toilet with specific use cases in mind. It offers a sleek appearance and practical features for those seeking a composting solution for their bathroom.

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