Biolan Simplett Plus

Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Simplett Plus dry toilet is a convenient and eco-friendly option for waste management in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its innovative design separates liquid and solid waste without the need for water or power supply. Installation is straightforward, and the unit has compact dimensions, making it suitable for various spaces.

The technical specifications of the Biolan Simplett Plus are as follows:
– Depth: 68 cm
– Width: 53 cm
– Seat height: 46.5 cm
– Height: 102 cm
– Weight: 10 kg (when empty)
– Volume: 28 litres
– Outer diameter of the drain pipe: 32 mm
– Length of the drain pipe: 335–935 mm

During installation, ensure proper ventilation and liquid removal arrangements, leaving ample space for maintenance access. Position the device for easy access to the ventilation pipe and space for unloading. The unit comes with a bulking material container that needs to be lifted and locked into place for use.

Overall, the Biolan Simplett Plus is a practical and user-friendly dry toilet solution that offers efficient waste separation and management without the need for traditional plumbing systems.

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