CENTREX 2000 high capacity Composting Toilet

CENTREX 2000 high capacity Composting Toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The CENTREX 2000 is a high capacity composting toilet system suitable for both residential and vacation use. It features a built-in heating element and fan for efficient operation.

– Perfect for medium to heavy seasonal or light residential use
– Can support larger waste volumes than the 1000 models
– Supports up to 4 adults or families of 6 for residential/continuous use
– Supports up to 7 adults or families of 9 for seasonal/vacation use
– Requires electricity for proper operation
– Maximum Amps with heater on: 3.6
– Fan Watts: 35
– Heater Watts: 370 (when thermostat switches it on)
– Average Power Use in Watts: 200 (heater on 1/2 time)
– Vent Pipe: 2″ Thin-wall PVC
– Drains: 1” OD

**Dimensions and Weight:**
– Height: 28″
– Width: 27″
– Length: 45 1/2″ (49″ to turn handle)
– Weight: 74 lbs
– Shipping weight: 112 lbs
– Shipping carton dimensions: 35″ by 29″ by 46″

– Allows for a longer composting cycle
– Can be used with one or more 1-pint Ultra-low flush toilets (sold separately)
– Can be converted to an AC/DC system with a separate kit (sold separately)

– May need compost removal annually for seasonal use and every few months for residential use
– Features a 370 watt thermostatically controlled heater and a 35 watt turbo fan
– Comes with a 1″ drain hose

The CENTREX 2000 is a reliable system that offers efficient composting capabilities for larger waste volumes. Please note that due to its weight, you need to contact the sales department directly for purchasing and shipping information.

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