Converter Composting machines Rn 75

Converter Composting machines Rn 75
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The R-Nature waste management system is designed for a variety of industry applications, such as offices, restaurants, and apartment complexes. It has a capacity of 75 kg/day and operates at a power of 3.6KW with 3 phase 440V, 50HZ. The machine weighs 450kg and has approximate dimensions of 6(L) x 3(W) x 3.3(H) ft.

Features include waste audit services to quantify the waste generated, customizable machine capacity to suit specific needs, demonstration and installation by trained professionals, post-installation support with expert care and original spare parts, proactive maintenance with periodic inspections, and assistance with using excess precompost effectively.

The system can decompose various types of waste but there are limitations on what it can handle. The time required for decomposition, as well as the frequency of removing precompost, are among the frequently asked questions addressed. The system aims to manage waste without harmful discharge, control infestations, and repurpose the by-products produced.

Space requirements, maintenance needs, and attention demands are also covered in the frequently asked questions section. For more details or to get a quote, the manufacturer offers further information on related products as well.

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