Smartx-50 Medium commerical Machine Composter

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Smartx-50 Medium commercial Machine Composter by Westcom Bio-Tech Pte Ltd is a cutting-edge solution for converting food waste into compost in just 24 hours. Here are some key points about this product:

– Utilizes Westcom proprietary Microbites for accelerated composting
– User-friendly biodigesters with smart technology integration
– Compact dimensions: 1900mm width, 900mm depth, 1610mm height
– Recommended daily capacity of 50kg
– Does not require water discharge, low energy usage
– Incorporates cloud computing and in-house R&D

– Environmentally sustainable waste treatment solution
– Aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through on-site bio-digestion
– Developed microbial consortium for efficient food waste treatment
– Options to keep compost for personal use or have it collected and recycled
– System designed to handle food waste only; non-food waste can be sieved out

**Additional Information:**
– Microbes are produced in Singapore
– No water discharge required; water from food waste is emitted during the composting process at low temperatures
– Compost can be kept for personal use or collected for recycling
– RFID-enabled system for tracking user data and monthly waste reports
– Regular top-ups of microbes are necessary based on system capacity and food waste dampness
– Compact models are available for different capacity needs
– Odor management integrated into the design with application in healthcare environments
– Capable of accepting various types of segregated food waste, including post-cooked food with oil (in limited amounts)

Overall, the Smartx-50 Medium commercial Machine Composter offers an innovative and efficient solution for food waste management with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and user convenience.

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