Made From Hard PLastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Composter 600L is a spacious composting unit made from high-quality recycled and UV-stabilized PP material, ensuring durability and weather resistance. It features a volume of 600 liters, a wall thickness of 5mm, and a weight of 23kg. The two-part lid provides optimal ventilation and can be adjusted according to weather conditions. The base area has an opening for convenient compost removal and closure when needed.

The composter is designed to facilitate rapid and continuous composting of garden waste, fruit, vegetables, and kitchen waste from a pre-sorting container. It aims to create nutrient-rich compost that can enhance soil quality. Additionally, the product comes with assembly instructions, composting guidelines, spare parts list, and warranty.

Certified according to NF094 standards for compost bins, this composter offers a sustainable solution for managing bio waste efficiently. Consider the Composter 600L for your composting needs, complemented by ESE container systems for bio recyclables for a comprehensive waste management solution.

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