WF-300 Westcom Small Industrail Compost Machine

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The WF-300 Westcom Small Industrial Compost Machine is a cutting-edge food waste treatment solution that efficiently converts food waste into compost within 24 hours using Westcom’s proprietary Microbites technology. Here are some key features and benefits based on the provided information:

1. **Dimensions**: The machine has a width of 2950mm, depth of 1530mm, and height of 2060mm, making it suitable for small industrial settings.

2. **Capacity**: The recommended daily capacity of the machine is 300kg, catering to moderate food waste generation.

3. **Environmentally Friendly**: The machine does not discharge water, has low energy usage, and utilizes cloud computing technology, contributing to environmental sustainability.

4. **Biodigesters**: User-friendly design with smart technology for efficient food waste degradation performance.

5. **Microbe Production**: The microbes used in the machine are produced in Singapore.

6. **Compost Handling**: Customers have the option to keep the compost for personal use or have it collected during routine servicing, where it is recycled or used for community farming.

7. **Non-Food Waste Disposal**: The machine is equipped to handle only food waste, and non-food waste items can be sieved out from the fertilizer.

8. **Data Tracking**: The system is RFID-enabled, allowing for the collection of user data for monthly food waste reporting.

9. **Microbe Top-Up**: Initial loading of microbes is done during installation, with periodic top-ups required based on the system’s capacity utilization and food waste dampness.

10. **Compact Models**: Different digester sizes are available based on food waste production levels, ranging from retail to industrial capacities.

11. **Odor Management**: The machine’s design and proprietary microbes help in minimizing bad odors during the food waste decomposition process.

12. **Acceptable Food Waste**: While the machine can process various forms of food waste, cooked food with oil should be limited to avoid impacting microbe performance.

Overall, the WF-300 Westcom Small Industrial Compost Machine offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for converting food waste to compost, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming for sustainable waste management practices.

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