Plastic Compost Bin 500 Litres

Plastic Compost Bin 500 Litres
Made From Wood
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Tekplas Plastic Compost Bin offers a durable and efficient solution for transforming garden waste into valuable compost. Made in the UK by Tekplas, this compost bin is constructed from high-quality PVC, with some recycled materials incorporated to minimize environmental impact. The hollow PVC extrusions provide excellent insulation, promoting rapid heat retention and accelerating the composting process.

Key Features:
– Efficient Composting: Unique design allows for easy assembly, heat retention, and faster composting.
– Easy to Use: Panels can be easily removed for access to compost, available on all four sides.
– Durable Construction: Made from high-quality PVC, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
– Customization Options: Choose from standard or heavy-duty brace bars, with additional accessories available.
– Environmentally Friendly: Made with recycled PVC to reduce the carbon footprint.
– Multi-Bin Expansion: Add-on option available for expanding the compost bin’s capacity.
– Compost Bin Lid: Lid accessory option for a seamless composting experience.

External Dimensions: 92cm (L) x 92cm (W) x 77.5cm (H)

Compost Bin Kit Includes:
– 20 x Tongue & Groove Panels
– 4 x Posts & Caps
– 4 x Bottom Panel Brace Bars
– 4 x Top Panel Brace Bars
– 2 x 700mm Galvanized Ground Spikes

Post Options:
– Standard Posts: Posts for placing the bin on any ground surface or fixing it to solid ground types.
– Standard Posts and Ground Spikes: Posts with metal spikes for securing the bin in place.
– Longer Posts to Cement: Longer posts for cementing the bin into the ground.

Overall, the Tekplas Plastic Compost Bin is a reliable and environmentally friendly composting solution that offers durability, efficiency, and customization options for various composting needs.

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