Fermentation starter Bokashi bran (biogen)

Fermentation starter Bokashi bran (biogen)
Made From Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Bokashi bran from Biogen is a versatile product that aids in fermentation and helps in the creation of natural fertilizer and compost. It contains effective microorganisms that promote fermentation and prevent organic waste from rotting. The mixture of water, sugar, and wheat bran serves as a compost activator, transforming organic waste into high-quality compost.

Some key features of Bokashi bran:
1. Effective Microorganisms: Trigger fermentation and prevent rotting.
2. Compost Activator: Helps in fermenting organic waste.
3. Odor Control: Prevents unpleasant odors from the composting process.
4. Versatile Use: Can be used for organic waste, composting, fertilization, and soil improvement.
5. Accelerator for Compost: Enhances the decomposition process.

Overall, Bokashi bran is a beneficial product for those looking to efficiently manage organic waste and create nutrient-rich compost for plants and gardens.

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