Démeterra® 330 electromechanical composter

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Démeterra 330 is an electromechanical composter designed by UpCycle, a French company that specializes in products for collecting and processing food waste into compost. It is part of their Démeterra range, capable of composting bio-waste from 25 kg to 350 kg per day.

Key features of the Démeterra 330 electromechanical composter include:
– Designed to compost waste from 10,000 inhabitants
– Suitable for urban areas, corporate or university campuses, and hypermarkets
– Equipped with a bucket lift and air injection system
– Can be paired with a shredder for optimized capacity
– Remote control capabilities via Wifi and computer-controlled interface
– Discreet design with noise level below 60 dB and easy maintenance features

The electromechanical composter functions by using powerful blades to aerate and mix the bio-waste, creating an optimal environment for thermophilic bacteria to break down the waste rapidly. The controlled air flow helps manage odors efficiently.

Bio-waste suitable for composting includes organic kitchen waste, green waste, kraft packaging, cardboard, and compostable packaging. The composter can turn bio-waste into mature compost within 15 days, meeting the NF 44 051 standard. The resulting compost is odor-free and pest-free, ready for use in soil after maturing for 8 weeks outside the machine.

The Démeterra 330 is designed for durability, with main parts built to last over 15 years and easily replaceable components for long-term use. Overall, the electromechanical composter combines the benefits of on-site composting with industrial-scale efficiency.

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