Can-O-Worms® 2 Tray

Can-O-Worms® 2 Tray
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms is a medium-capacity worm farm designed to make recycling fun for kids. It recycles 6-9lbs of kitchen waste weekly, reducing your carbon footprint. Made from 100% recycled plastic in Australia, it’s easy to assemble and includes features like built-in mounds, flow-through ventilation, drip-free tap, and well-designed legs.

This worm farm comes with a ventilated lid, 2 large working trays, a collector tray with worm mound, sump legs, coir brick, and an instruction booklet. It requires 1000 Composting Worms to start, which are not included. The round shape promotes interactive learning and engagement for kids.

Overall, the Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms is suitable for beginners to experienced users looking for a practical and engaging way to recycle kitchen waste.

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