Bioska Dry Toilet bags

Type of business: Manufacturer

The Bioska Dry Toilet bags are an environmentally friendly option for dry toilets. These bags are made from fully biodegradable material and can decompose rapidly in a well-functioning composter. They are suitable for use with various dry toilet brands, including Biolan Icelett, Separating Dry Toilet, and Naturum.

Key Features:
– Made from renewed biodegradable material
– Complies with EU standard EN 13432 for biodegradable products
– Dimensions: 600 x 700 mm
– Package size: a roll of 30 bags
– Easy-to-follow instructions for use included

These bags make it convenient to manage waste from your dry toilet, as you can simply tear a bag from the roll, place it in the receptacle, and then compost the filled bag in a suitable composter. Overall, the Bioska Dry Toilet bags offer a sustainable and practical solution for waste disposal in dry toilet systems.

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