27L Double Bokashi Composter Kits

27L Double Bokashi Composter Kits
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product: Bokashi Composting Starter Kit

– Contains: 2 x 27L Bokashi Buckets, 2 x Polystyrene Blocks & Separation Trays, 1 x Bokashi Scoop, 2 x Taps, 1 x 2kg Bag of Bokashi Bran
– Made and designed in the UK
– Dimensions (Per Bokashi Bin): 27 Litres capacity, 14 inches diameter, 16 inches height
– Bokashi composting is an odourless, quick, and inexpensive method for composting kitchen waste

This Bokashi Composting Starter Kit offers a convenient way to turn your kitchen waste into a soil builder and nutrient-rich liquid for your garden. With two 27L Bokashi Buckets included, you can fill one while the other ferments. The kit also comes with essential equipment and 2kg of Bokashi Bran to kickstart your composting journey.

Ideal for environmentally-conscious individuals looking to reduce waste and create valuable resources for their garden.

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