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Worm Composting Bins and Ideal Temperatures

by Mike
(United States)

I plan to start a small worm composting bin and would like to know the best place to put it based on the temperatures outside. What can the worms withstand for heat in the summer and cold in the winter? I know you’re visiting with Gerrie from The Worm Factory this weekend, can you please ask her my question?

Also, I may need some help talking my wife into letting me put it in the basement. 🙂

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Feb 23, 2012
Composting Worm Bins and More
by: Compost Junkie Dave

Hey Mike,

As promised, I asked Gerrie from The Worm Factory your question regarding worm bins and ideal indoor/outdoor temperatures. If you want to fast forward to the exact location in the video below, you’re looking around the 2 minute marker.

Below is the text that I included in the video on YouTube. I’m posting it below because I don’t want you guys to miss out on our Rooster Contest (see below).

Pasted directly from YouTube…

Enter our Rooster Contest Below – – – – – How do you increase the efficiency of your worm composting bins? What is the ideal temperature for your worm bin? Can you keep them outside in the winter? Are there other types of composting worms? Interested to learn why calcium is so important for your composting worm bins? Gerrie from The Worm Factory answers to all of these questions and more in this video.

Enter Our Rooster Contest and Win – Count the number of times the rooster crows in ALL parts (this is only part 2) of this video series, then send me an email via my “Contact Us” page, for your chance to win a free pound of composting worms. I will award this to the 10th, 100th, 200th, 500th, and 1000th email I receive. Note – I said email, not viewer, so don’t get discouraged by the viewer count. Email me to enter the contest no matter what the viewer count reads.

The Worm Factory

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