Dalefoot Wool Compost

Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
Dalefoot Wool Compost
Type of business: Distributor

Daledoot Wool Compost introduces a harmonious blend of tradition and sustainability, offering a tangible solution for gardeners aiming for ecological harmony. This compost emerges as a genuine peat alternative, characterized by a similar soft texture but constructed from entirely renewable resources. It enriches gardens with the addition of Comfrey, particularly the ‘Bocking 14’ variety, an organic gardener’s ally known for its dynamic accumulation of essential nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, promising healthier plant growth, larger blooms, and more substantial crops.

The composition further benefits from sheep’s wool, a natural source of nitrogen that acts as a slow-release fertilizer while enhancing water retention. Bracken adds to the mix with its high levels of natural potash, crucial for the fruiting and flowering stages, and a broad spectrum of trace elements for optimal plant health. Formulated for a 12-month feeding cycle, this compost reduces the need for watering, is peat-free, and aligns with organic growing practices. It’s especially well-suited for containers, tubs, and hanging baskets where moisture retention is key.

Behind Daledoot Wool Compost is a dedication to reviving old gardening recipes into a lineup of wholesome, farm-produced composts that deliver on their promise. Made in the Lake District National Park & Eden Valley, these composts come from a land where Whitefaced Woodland and Cheviot sheep, alongside native Fell ponies, roam the bracken-covered hills. This practice not only maintains the cherished landscape but also addresses the ecological and economic challenges posed by the spreading bracken. By managing bracken harvest sustainably, the company contributes to preserving the Lake District’s beauty and repurposing resources as done in yesteryears.

Leveraging the age-old wisdom of using bracken as winter bedding for animals, which was later spread on fields to enrich the soil, Daledoot Wool Compost encapsulates a rich source of humus and trace elements to kickstart a flourishing growing season. This initiative underpins a full range of 100% peat-free, maintenance-free composts, distinguished by their natural water retention capabilities and approval for organic growing by the Soil Association, promising a blend of tradition, innovation, and sustainability for gardeners.

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