Commercial Joraform JK5100

Commercial Joraform JK5100
Made From Stainlesssteel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The JK5100 compost machine is a modern and efficient solution for composting food waste, including meat and fish, in a neighborhood or business setting. It features a powerful grinder, a mixing mechanism, and separate chambers for processing and ripening the compost. The machine is designed with user convenience in mind, including a well-placed chute for adding food waste and inspection covers for the receptacles.

Key Features:
– Powerful grinder and mixing mechanism for efficient composting
– Separate chambers for processing and ripening compost
– Convenient chute for charging food waste
– Inspection covers for easy maintenance
– Made of mainly stainless steel with recyclable materials
– Built-in safety functions for user protection
– Programmable unit for adapting to different types of waste
– High-quality construction with replaceable wearing parts

– Outer dimensions: 295x117x150cm (LxWxH)
– Main connection: 3-phase connection 16A
– Weight: 850 kg (1870 lb)
– Capacity: Up to 700 liters (185 gallons) per week
– Material: Mainly stainless steel
– Placement: Frostproof room

Overall, the JK5100 compost machine offers a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for composting food waste, with a focus on efficiency, convenience, and durability.

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