Centrex 2000 None Electric Composting Toilet

Centrex 2000 None Electric Composting Toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The CENTREX 2000 NE is a non-electric composting unit suitable for medium to heavy seasonal or light residential use. It allows for longer composting cycles and can handle larger waste volumes. It is designed to work with one or more 1-pint Ultra-low flush toilets, bought separately.

Key Specifications:
– Capacities: Residential/Continuous: 3 adults or families of 5, Seasonal/Vacation: 6 adults or families of 8
– Fan Watts: 1.4 (optional 12 Volt fan recommended for heavy use)
– Vent Pipe: 4″ Thin-wall PVC
– Drains: 1” OD

Dimensions and Weight:
– Height: 26 1/2″
– Width: 26 1/2″
– Length: 45 1/2″ (49″ to turn handle)
– Weight: 63 lbs
– Shipping Weight: 109 lbs
– Shipping Carton Dimensions: 35″ by 29″ by 46″

Please ensure proper venting as per the owner’s manual guidelines.

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