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Norpro Compost Keeper

Using the 14 criteria on our kitchen compost container page, I review the Norpro Compost Keeper below. Is this the right container for you? We’ll soon find out…

kitchen compost container

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My Review

1. Appearance

The Compost Keeper comes in three different colors (black, red, white), allowing you to tailor it to the colors in your kitchen. There is no obnoxious branding or signage on the unit, so even if it’s sitting on your countertop, it’s not an eye-sore.

Amusingly, the red model looks somewhat like a miniature fire hydrant. Some people may consider this an eye-sore, while others may love it.

2. Capacity

Like many of the units on the market today, this unit holds 1 gallon of food waste. Is that big enough? Not for my household, but we tend to eat a lot of fresh produce. Will that be enough for you? If you’re unsure, track your wastes for a week or two before investing in a kitchen compost container.

To be quite honest, I was surprised just how small this unit was when I removed it from the packaging. Remember, the smaller the unit the more often you have to empty it. This isn’t always the most pleasant task if you’re in the middle of winter in a Northern climate (as I am right now). I prefer a larger unit.

3. Cleanability

Excellent! Not much more to say other than that.

4. Weight

The Compost Keeper is made of ceramic, so it’s fairly heavy, especially when it’s full of kitchen scraps. The nice thing is that it has a very sturdy handle to support this added weight. If you’re opposed to a little workout when you empty and wash your compost container, then you may want to look into a plastic or stainless steel unit; they tend to be lighter.

5. Handle

It’s heavy duty stainless steel. No complaints here.

6. Lid

The lid for this kitchen compost container is also made of ceramic. It fits well, however, I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the first part of the crock that breaks. To minimize this risk, make sure you sit it in the upright position when you remove it. Don’t turn the lid upside-down because it tends to roll around and could easily roll off your counter. Just a heads up…

I have one major complaint about the lid – the knob on top of it is VERY small. You have to be quite nimble when removing and replacing it; and I don’t even have very big hands. Norpro, if you’re listening, please increase the size of this knob to allow for better grip.

7. Filter

The unit comes with a filter already installed in the lid. Replacement filters cost approximately $3.00 US for two. That’s much cheaper than some of the other filters on the market. Do the filters reduce the odor from your container? Yes!

compost container filters

8. Ventilation

This compost container has holes in the lid which allow for a decent amount of ventilation. So far, I have not experienced any anaerobic conditions inside the unit. Besides, that’s what our bokashi composter is for, right? I’m actually finding that the ingredients inside this unit dry out a little more than they do in other units I have used. That’s one more factor leading to odor reduction.

9. Size of Opening

I’m not satisfied with the size of the opening on this unit. I’d much rather use a kitchen compost container with a larger opening. The opening on this unit is approx. 5 inches in diameter.

10. Composition

The Compost Keeper is made of painted ceramic. It will break quite easily if not used carefully. I’d prefer to use a container made from something other than ceramic. Not that I abuse my compost containers, I just don’t like the idea of having to baby them. On the flip side, using this crock can help us cultivate presence because if you’re not paying attention when filling/emptying it, you’ll most likely break it. A little spirituality plug never hurt, right?

11. Durability

See comments regarding “composition” above…

If you’re careful (that’s the key), this crock could last you a lifetime.

12. Hanging Capability

Attempting to hang this compost crock has disaster written all over it.

13. Instructions and Support

There are no instructions with this crock.

Do you really need any? If so, here you go…Open box. Remove unit. Fill unit with food scraps. Empty when full. Wash regularly. Change filters every three months. 🙂 Simple as that!

As for support, I’ve fired an email off to Norpro, so let’s see where that gets us…stay tuned.

Update – Feb. 13-2012

Great news guys, a Norpro representative responded to my inquiry with one, that’s right ONE, business day. Needless to say, they appear to have their support network in place.

14. Price

Prices range between $20.00-$30.00US for these units. The red unit is the cheapest and the black is the most expensive. How can they justify a $10 price difference based solely on color? Seems a little odd to me.

That being said, why did I buy the most expensive unit? I purchased mine from (cheaper shipping to Canada), not, and the only model they sold at the time was the black one.

kitchen compost contatiner

In Summary…

Buy this kitchen compost container if you…

  • don’t generate a lot of kitchen food scraps
  • don’t mind a heavier container
  • like to have color options
  • don’t mind being careful with it when washing/emptying
  • have small hands
  • are looking to spend between $25-$40US (with shipping)

Personally, I like a kitchen compost container with a little more size to it.

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