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Is it Possible to Keep Compost Tea for 6-12 Months?

by Monier
(Cairo, Egypt)

How can I store compost tea for a long time without damage? (6-12 month)

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Please refer to the following post…

How Long Does Compost Tea Keep?

That will give you some basic storage information.

Why do you want to store your compost tea for such a long period of time? Are you trying to sell it?

After an extended period of time in a closed container, the majority of the microbes in your tea will die, although some will remain dormant.

Since we’re talking about living creatures, you must understand that if you put freshly aerated compost tea into a sealed container, you run the risk of explosion. Unless you have taken specific steps to put your microbes into dormancy, they will continue to respire. One way around this is to “burp” your containers, however, that won’t work very well if you’re trying to resell a product.

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Oct 17, 2014
Steps to put microbes into dormancy
by: Nick

After reading around this site for a while, I am curious, as it is mentioned in this post, if there is a specific process that one can follow to put microbes into a dormancy state for a certain extended period of time. If so, what state would they need to rest in? water? powder? air sealed containers? Is there a process that could extract the microbes from the water into some powdered form, keeping them dormant until reapplying into aerating water to “awaken” them when necessary?

Any response is appreciated!


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