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Interviews With Compost Businesses From Around The World

Pearls From The Pile

We hope the interviews below will provide each and everyone one of you with the absolute best, hands-on information about the world of composting. We’re going to be tracking compost businesses across the globe in order to find you real-world examples of how successful businesses are making real money producing compost, and other compost-related goods and services.

We’ve titled this series, Pearls From The Pile, and each month (hopefully more often as 2012 unfolds) we will bring you interviews about the topics listed below. We also have plans to launch a gardening and compost podcast in 2012, so there is a good chance many of our conversations will be available as downloadable MP3s in the near future.

It is our hope to provide you with a glimpse into the experiences of business owners in the compost and related industries. We also hope that this glimpse helps you to realize the utter importance these entities play in every part of our lives. The world’s population is increasing quickly, and that increase needs to be met with a much more functional, and local food supply. It is our goal to help you connect to the businesses around you, and in doing so, that we do our part to foster a return to a more localized food economy. For it is there, that we connect with our roots, and the foundation of our civilization. So if you’re up to it, please join us on this wonderful journey while we explore all the worldly pearls of the ever-abundant compost pile.

Pearls From The Pile

Interview Series

  • Starting A Composting Business – What Does It Take?

    • 01 – Running A Composting Business 101
      Humble Acres Organics (SC, USA)

      One of the six questions that we asked Tim, from Humble Acres Organics, was this…If someone wanted to start a composting business, what are five important factors they must consider during the planning stages of their business? Here are his answers…

    • 02 – Compost Business Basics
      Transform Compost Systems (BC, Canada)

      One of the six questions that we asked John, from Transform Compost Systems, was this…What amount of financial capital do you suggest a prospective compost business owner have prior to starting their business? Where do you foresee this money being spent? Here are his answers…

    • 05 – Cedar Grove Compost – Successful Commercial Composting
      Cedar Grove Compost (WA, USA)

      One of the six questions that I asked Susan and John, from Cedar Grove Compost, was this…Many commercial composting operations are turning to biosolids as an ingredient in their compost. What is your opinion of composting biosolids? Here are their answers…

  • How To Start A Worm Composting Business?

  • Compost Toilets – A Pleasantly Stinky Business

  • Making Money Making Compost Tea

    • 03 – Make Compost Tea and Build a Sustainable Business
      Compostwerks (NH, USA)

      One of the six questions that I asked Peter, from Compostwerks, was this…A lot of people are trying to make compost tea these days, can you discuss one or two of your successes or failures with compost tea products from a business perspective? Here are his answers…

    • 04 – Compost Inoculants and Soil Microbes – A Business Perspective
      Symbio (Surrey, UK)

      One of the six questions that I asked Dan, from Symbio, was this…I see that Symbio sells a compost starter product. From what I understand, the typical compost pile has thousands of different microbial species present that are all working together to breakdown the ingredients. Can we really improve upon Nature by adding in a couple “hand-picked” microbes? Here are his answers…

  • Building An Online Gardening Business

  • Composting Equipment – Making Money Turning Poop

  • Mushroom Compost – Making Money From Someone’s Waste

  • Tumbling Compost to Financial Freedom

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