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“I’ve been looking for good compost info on the Web for the past 18 months and I struck gold with It was the free e-books that attracted me initially, but I now realize this site is absolutely loaded with great information. What really hooked me is that I can even get complex composting questions answered by those who really know this stuff. Keep up the good work Dave, it’s great being part of the “Tribe”.”

Haydn (gardener)- Western Australia

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“I’ve read books and seen websites on how to compost, none are as complete, easy to use, and up to date as Thanks for the great resource and invaluable education.”

Matt (gardener)- Seattle, WA

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“ is one of the best compost-related sites on the web. The information presented here, as well as in their free e-books, would be valuable to anyone involved in composting, gardening or lawn care. I’d encourage all compost enthusiasts to check out the ‘Junkie’ website and sign up for the free e-books.”

Lloyd (farmer)- Manitoba, Canada

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