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Composting For Kids
The Learning Adventure
Begins Now

If you’re interested in teaching kids about the miracles of compost, our composting for kids section will provide you with everything you need to get started. Let us act as your guide by providing you with all of the materials and you could possibly need to excite your kids about compost.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for composting lesson plans, or a parent wanting to educate their children using the simplest of simple composting methods, you’ve come to the right place.

Composting truly is one of Mother Nature’s most miraculous processes. Using only natural means, you’re able to turn “waste” into one of the most beautiful and productive growing mediums.

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you’re going to be amazed at the effect of compost on plants.

Let’s start by teaching your kids the art of simple composting, aka the basics…consider this page your entry level course in the how to, what to, and what not to compost all wrapped up in a neat, easy to use package. This page strips away all the glamor and hype around compost, and leaves you with the fundamentals as well as a few tips on composting that will get your kid’s compost piles built and cooking in no time.

If you’re really keen on teaching your kids about compost, you may want to hop on the educational fast-track and start indoor composting using a worm bin right now. A worm composting bin is a great educational tool and it’s much easier to get going than you may think.

Next, we’ll move on to a little more advanced topic – a compost primer. This section will appeal to the more mature students in the crowd and may be a little too much information for some.

That being said, we encourage all parents and teachers to use this section to boost their own knowledge of the topic, so that if the situation ever presents itself and your kids ask you a more loaded question, you’ll know just what to say.

Speaking of tough questions, as you’ll soon discover when composting with kids, one of the most commonly asked questions is about compost bugs or all of the “moving parts” in a compost pile. These are usually the parts of the compost pile that get all the screams and yells from your children. However, there will always be one or two children who sit quietly and just observe…that was probably us when we were younger.

So what are all those critters?

Are they dangerous?

Do they help the composting process, or do they hinder it?

We’ll give you a set of compost pictures that you can share with your kids that will help you explain just how natural all of these compost bugs are.

Remember, nature doesn’t make mistakes…there is ALWAYS a reason why something is the way it is.

Next, we’ll provide you with a couple composting lesson plans as well as a downloadable file called presentation compost. This is a power point file that you can download and use in your classroom, or home, to educate your kids about composting.

Geared specifically to developing composting in schools, we’ve come up with a sample cafeteria compost plan. To do this, we visited a few schools in our area, discovered what does and doesn’t work, and written about it.

Last but not least, our most beloved part of our composting for kids resources…the GAMES!!!

Who would have ever thought there was a card game based completely on compost? Well guess what? There is and it’s called compost gin. Not familiar with the original card game called gin? Don’t worry, it’s very easy to learn (much like making compost) and we’ll take you through the steps.

In our games section, you’ll also find some pictures that you can print and your kids can color, two different compost-related crossword puzzles, and a couple free compost word searches.

Who knew composting for kids could be so much fun?

If you’ve got additional questions, or suggestions, about composting for kids, please use the comment area below. Remember, we’re here for you. If we can’t answer your question, there is a good chance we know someone who can, so please ask away.

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