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Composting Bins and Barrels
that are Right for You

Composting bins and barrels come in many different shapes and sizes, it’s all a matter of which one is right for you.
Are you interested in building your own homemade compost bin? Do you want to know the best compost bin for your situation? If so, we’ve got what you’re looking for, including the Easy Composter. Using the information below, we’re going to teach you all about compost bins and barrels, and determine which one is right for you.

So let’s start with the basics…

What is a Compost Bin?

In short, composting bins are structures that hold compost. These structures can be made of a variety of materials including wood, concrete, and plastic. You can even make a bin using bales of straw. The majority of bins are homemade, however, there are more and more compost bin suppliers entering the market each year. Although compost bins can be used on any sized yard, they are most practical for use by persons or families living on smaller lots in the city. Overall, composting bins are not always necessary, but they sure do add “curb-appeal” to your compost pile. They are also a great way to start composting at home.

Here is a great story about one of our Tribe members and her incredible worm compost bins.

What is a Compost Barrel?

Compost barrels are similar to compost bins, however, they are usually raised off the ground (i.e. space saving) and allow for much easier compost turning. That is, you don’t have to bend over to turn compost when it’s in a barrel. This makes compost barrels a great alternative for anyone with back pain.


The Benefits of a Bin

  • Bins help to contain odors*
  • Bins can speed up the composting process
  • Bins usually deter rodents
  • Bins allow you to produce more compost in a smaller area
  • Bins add an eye-catching touch to your compost making
  • Bins add an element of portability to your compost
  • Bins give you more control over the composting process

*If you follow our composting instructions, your compost will not have any offensive odors.

What is the Best Compost Bin?

We often hear this question from our friends and fellow compost junkies. Fortunately, our answer is always the same…The best compost bin is the one that you will consistently use. There have been many occasions, that one of our friends has told us that they are going to start composting; however, when we visit their home several months later, we find their compost bin sitting off in the corner of their yard…EMPTY!

Sadly, this is a common occurrence. So we’ve put together a list of features that make up the best compost bin. On this list, you will find all of the things you must consider prior to making, or buying, a compost bin. It is our hope, that by using this list, you will be motivated enough to avoid an “empty” compost bin experience like our friends mentioned above.

This page will also let you VOTE for the best compost bin.

Easy Homemade Composting Bins

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer?

Do you have some spare time and the desire to save money?

Do you have access to any of the following materials?

scrap lumber snow fence
concrete blocks wooden lattice
chicken wire fencing aluminum siding/roofing
wooden pallets old straw bales

If so, a homemade compost bin may be just the thing for you. To learn more, please click on one of the following links. Each link will guide you through the entire process of building several different composting bins, including a wood compost bin and a Rubbermaid compost bin. Also, you may be interested in Keith’s great site that highlights the benefits of how compost bins save you money and time.

Learn how to build a compost bin using free materials.

wooden composting bins

Specific Compost Bin Designs and Plans

Some people can look at a picture of a compost bin and build it from scratch, but we find it a lot easier if you have proper compost bin plans. If you work off a plan, there is a lot less room for error, and a lot better chance your finished product will match the desired compost bin design.

The pages within this section provide you with several pdf files, each containing a different set of instructions for building compost bins.

For instance, for the worm lovers out there, we’ve included a couple designs for building worm composting bins. These bins range from a plain wooden box to a more complex multi-level self-sorting bin. The choice is yours, so…

Choose your compost bin design, download your plans, and start building!

Compost Bin Suppliers

Maybe you’re not a DIYer. Maybe you’re looking for an all in one kit, or a compost bin that comes ready to assemble. If so, we’ve got the place for you. Please check out our compost bin supplier page, and search for a compost bin design that suits your needs. This page also contains information on finding the ideal compost barrel for your needs.

What are your needs? Before you settle on a compost bin or barrel, don’t forget to go over our “Best Compost Bin for Your Needs” checklist. This checklist will ensure you get the compost bin or barrel that best fits your personal lifestyle and living situation.

Here is what on of our members did with the compost bins supplied by her municipality – She turned them into worm compost bins. So cool! wooden composting bin

Compost Bin and
Barrel Reviews

Please use this section to share your thoughts and experiences with various composting bins and barrels.

Do you currently use a compost bin? If so, we want to hear from you. Use this link to VOTE for your favorite compost bin.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your bin or if you made it, we want to hear from you. If you bought it, please post a review. Tell us if you would buy it again. Why or why not?

If you made your own composting bin, what design did you use? How much compost can you produce in a year? Is it easy to turn your compost or are you constantly wishing you had more space?

Do you have multiple composting bins? If so, did you start with just one? Why did you decide you needed more?…Do we smell a compost addiction?

We decided this would be a great conclusion to this page. It allows you, our fellow compost junkie, to express yourself and tell us all about your experiences with specific composting bins. We also thought we would add to this section by posting our reviews of various compost bins, as we have an opportunity to test them. For instance, we saw that there were a lot of people interested in the Earth Machine compost bin, so we tested it and posted a review here. The Earth Machine compost bin has an incredibly simple design, but it works.

So let’s hear from you!

Please take a moment and share your compost bin experiences with us.

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