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– Composting At Home –
It’s SO Much More Powerful
Than You May Think

Did you know that composting at home can be used as a tool
for personal empowerment?

It can!

Did you know that your decision to compost at home has the power
to change the world?

It does!

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck are they talking about? What does personal empowerment have to do with composting?” And here’s our answer – EVERYTHING! That’s right! Composting at home has absolutely everything to do with empowering yourself, and changing the world around you.

Here’s a story to illustrate our point…

Empowering Change

In the summer of 2011, we were enjoying a cup of tea with two of our favorite organic farmers – let’s call them Tim and Joanne. We were sitting down having tea and we noticed that Joanne was quite upset. Now you have to understand, Joanne rarely gets upset. Typically, she is very bubbly and radiates positive energy. But not today…

Today, something was different. So we inquired. And that’s when she let loose.

“I watched the film, Food Inc., over the weekend and I loved it, but now I feel SO depressed. I feel like we’re fighting an uphill battle by farming organically. I mean, I love farming this way, but there are so many mega-corporations that we’re up against. They’re taking over our food supply! How can we ever compete against them? There’s Monsanto, Cargill, ConAgra, Kraft, and Tyson…”. And on and on the list went.

After several minutes of anger and expressions of helplessness, Joanne began to cry. And rightly so. When you see the world through these darkened lenses, it’s nothing short of CRIPPLING!

Joanne was right! How could one person take on these mega-corporations? And yes, they DO play a major part of our current food system. But guess what?


Whether she knew it or not, she was consciously choosing to see the world in this way. Based on where she was choosing to place her awareness, she was literally crippling herself with her thoughts.

Sound familiar? It did to us.

You always have a choice. In every single area of your life, you’re always making choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you always have a choice about how you’re going to perceive a situation. More specifically, you always have a choice about how you’re going to perceive the world.

So what did we do to help Joanne?

Simple. We helped her change her focus (i.e. her awareness). Why? Because we’d been in her shoes and could recognize what was happening. The main reason she was feeling so helpless was because she was focusing on “the big picture”. Her mind was caught up in the “what if” questions about the mega-corporations and the global food system. And that masked her ability to see her latent potential, her “power of one“.

What do we mean?

If Joanne stopped focusing on the big picture, and instead focused on what she COULD achieve on an individual level, her entire mindset would shift. If she changed her focus from “out there” to “in here”, Life would take on a whole different dimension.

We are not saying ignore what’s going on in the world. Please pay attention to that as much as you can. We simply mean don’t get caught up in thinking you have to change THE world. Instead, we encourage you to change YOUR world.


In Joanne’s case, instead of her thinking she needed to take on these mega-corporations, we suggested she focus on what she could do at a local level. Maybe she couldn’t overturn the government, but she could definitely set up a stand at a local farmer’s market. Maybe she couldn’t take Monsanto to court, but she could definitely invite her customers to come out to her farm for a tour.

These “small” actions may seem inconsequential, but they’re not!

The majority of us don’t have the means of acting globally, but we ALL have the ability to act individually. And that is where the power of one lies. When enough of us are creating change at an individual level, we begin to change the foundation of the world around us. Mega-corporations that rely so heavily on selling processed food couldn’t exist if everyone started to buy locally-grown produce. Monsanto, a company that relies heavily on sales of pesticides and modified-seeds, couldn’t exist if everyone started to demand organically-grown food and non-genetically modified seeds.

A wise man once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. And that saying rings true for our entire Tribe of Compost Enthusiasts, especially around the topic of composting at home.

Make a choice right now to stop focusing out there, on them, and start focusing in here, on you.

Composting at home is a wonderful way to express your “power of one”. By setting up a compost bin in your backyard, or a worm bin in your apartment, you are acting on an individual level. You may not see the global benefits immediately, but trust that you eventually will. Keep focusing inwards. Keep taking small, individual steps towards creating the life you want to live, and eventually, the whole world will shift around you.

How do you start composting at home?

Below are six, simple steps to begin your journey to self-empowerment using compost:

  1. Read the information on our How To Compost page.
  2. Learn all about Composting Ingredients. What can be mixed with what, and what you should avoid.
  3. Start building and filling your very first Compost Bin.
  4. Stop throwing your food scrapes in the garbage! Instead, blend them up, and start composting at home in your Worm Bin.
  5. Stop bagging your yard “waste” and putting it out to the curb. Instead, use it to Make a Compost Pile.
  6. And last but not least…

  7. Connect with at least one local farmer within the next 30 days. Tell them how much you appreciate what they’re doing. Ask them if you can visit their farm. Let them know you support them in everything they do.

With the above actions in mind, let’s link arms and continue our individual journeys together.

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