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Compost tea in winter

I want to apply compost tea to all of my planting beds (15 in all) over winter. I live in Southern California, zone 8b. I have very bad soil, high alkalinity. This will be my 3rd year on virgin soil. What do you think of my game plane?? p.s. I’m organic all the way. Thanks

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Dec 04, 2010
Compost tea reply
by: Claywade

Compost tea is a great idea anytime of the year. It brings back the much need population of beneficial microbes. Something else you should consider is planting a cover crop. Cover crops will protect your soil and microbes so that life can be sustained continually.

Aug 09, 2011
Compost Tea
by: Compost Sak

Compost tea is a great way to add nutrition to your soil while you’re letting the rest of your compost continue to break down. There are other ways to nourish your soil as well so keep thinking creatively.

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