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Compost Supplies That Actually Work!

It’s taken us years of digging and experimenting, but these compost supplies actually work!

Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their uncle has their own brand of miracle, organic fertilizer nowadays? That’s what we’ve noticed lately. So instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, we’ve decided to partner with some of the most brilliant minds in the composting industry and offer their compost supplies and products to you…under one warm, little roof.

Consider these composting supplies the “steam of the pile” (aka the cream of the crop). It doesn’t matter whether you’re avid gardener or a newbie; an urban farmer or a commercial grower; an apartment dweller or a house-holder, we’re confident you’re going to find a product here that will suite your needs. And better yet, we promise that that product will deliver!

Please note, since we’re always be on the look out for new compost supplies and gardening products that work, this page will always be updating to serve you better.

Compost Tea Brewers

compost tea supplies

When it comes to compost tea brewers, Keep It Simple, Inc. (KIS) is a name you can trust. Not only do they offer a superior brewer that delivers consistent results*, they’ve got the test results to prove it.

One thing we’ve always loved about the 5-gallon KIS brewer is it’s price. Compared to some of the other small-scale brewers on the market, the KIS brewers are very affordable (even with shipping).

Our first compost tea brewer was the KIS 5-gallon brewer with the regular motor and it’s still going strong after many years of brewing.

So if you’re interested in growing healthier, disease-free plants with absolutely no pesticides, you’ll love what a compost tea brewer can do for you.

*when using KIS Microbe Food and Pro KitsTM
compost tea supplies

Microbe Food Kits, Pro KitsTM, & Tea Supplies

compost tea supplies

As you may have already learned on our making compost tea page, the foods you add to your compost tea are just as important as the quality of compost (see below) that you use.

We carry individual compost tea ingredients, such as humic acid and seaweed powder, as well as Kits with premixed microbe foods and compost. By using the Microbe Food Kits and/or ProKitsTM, you’ll take all of the guess work out of brewing the perfect tea every time (especially if you’re using a KIS brewer).

Consistency from one batch of compost tea to the next is one of the more difficult elements of brewing, however, the Kits that we offer allow even the newest brewer to tap into the miracles of compost tea in their garden.

OUR SUGGESTION: If you’re just learning how to make compost tea, we highly recommend using the premixed Kits. Once you’ve seen results and want to experiment a little, then begin purchasing the individual ingredients.
compost tea supplies


fungal compost

We offer three different types of compost to meet all of your compost tea brewing needs:

  • Fungal Compost
  • Alaska Humus
  • Vermi-Compost

Individually, each of these composts offers you a unique brewing experience, however, we tend to use a combination of the first two and brew the vermi-compost on it’s own.

High quality compost is hard to come by these days, however, these products are second to none. Two of these composts have been analyzed by the Soil Food Web and you can find the results here – Analysis of Fungal Compost and Analysis of Alaska Humus.
compost tea supplies

Composting Worms

composting worms

We have partnered with one of the largest worm farmers in the United States and we’re now selling Red Wigglers, European Nightcrawlers, and African Nightcrawlers.

Red Wigglers are your ideal composting worm. They’ll consume their body weight in food each day when raised under ideal conditions.

European Nightcrawlers make a great addition to your garden soil. We recommend adding a couple pounds of these European Nightcrawlers to each of your edible garden beds.

African Nightcrawlers are also good worms for composting. They’re heat tolerant and bigger than your typical red wiggler.
buy composting worms

Worm Bins

Coming Soon…

We’ll soon be offering one of the coolest, most natural worm bins on the market.

Rock Dust

Coming Soon…

We’re currently sourcing out the most affordable means of shipping this product to you. We promise this one is worth the wait. As a little hint, we’ve partnered with a company that harvests a naturally-energetic rock dust that originated in the depths of an ancient volcano…so cool! It’s definitely one of the compost supplies we’re most excited about.

Compost-Related Games and Educational Material

Coming Soon…

These compost supplies are for all the teachers, parents, and “kids-at-heart” in the Tribe. We’ve joined forces with one of the most brilliant Eco-Entertainers in the compost industry to bring you everything from a compost-related card game to posters to music CDs, and more.

It is our goal to get as many of these educational compost supplies into as many classrooms as possible. We’re noticing that most children are spending more time indoors than ever before, and we hope to change that trend. We’ve always found nature to be one of our greatest teachers, and composting is one of the most natural processes on the planet. For more information, please visit our composting for kids section.