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Compost Pictures for Kids

by Sarah

I am a master gardener trainee. We are putting together a presentation to teach children about composting.

Where can I buy some good pictures for a tri-fold display?

Our Answer

Hi Sarah,

You’re more than welcome to use any pictures from this site. All I ask is that you provide a small caption that says something along the lines of “Courtesy of”.

Another great place for free composting pictures is through Search the term compost and when you find a picture you like, write to the owner and ask if you can use their image in your presentation. Most owners are more than happy to help out, especially if you give them credit.

If you want to spend money on images, there are numerous online sites that offer this service (,,

Does this help?

Compost Junkie Dave

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Jan 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Sarah

I have a bunch of pictures on my flickr account, feel free to use them if any of them suit your needs.

I have more pictures of my compost stuff than I do of my family, how sad is that? 😉


Jan 23, 2012
Lloyd, how could you?
by: Compost Junkie Dave


How could you say such a thing and attach a negative connotation to it?

You’re a Compost Junkie, man! Stand up and be proud of yourself and your love of this magnificent stuff.


Ps – I too have taken more pictures related to compost in the last year than I have pictures with my fiance. Shhhh…I shouldn’t be saying that so loud.

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