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Compost One Tribe – One Vision

Dear Fellow Compost Junkie,

This letter is put here to introduce you to me. You’ll learn who I am, why I am obsessed with compost, as well as my ultimate goal and vision for I hope that by the end of this letter, you will feel welcomed to this site, and excited to start nurturing the beautiful world beneath your feet – the soil.

Who am I?

My name is Dave Dittmar and I am addicted to compost. Actually, it’s probably better to say that I have an addiction to soil.

This addiction began about 15 years ago, when I was researching various methods for achieving optimal human health. Yes, that’s right, my obsession with compost grew out of my obsession with health. Let me explain…

After reading 100s of books, and speaking with a variety of health experts, I have come to the realization that all human health starts in the soil. If the soil, in which our food is grown, is lacking nutrients (e.g. minerals), then the food grown in those soils will also lack nutrients. Therefore, when humans and animals consume these nutrient-deficient foods, they too become deficient in these nutrients. If humans and animals are deficient in nutrients, then they become sick. That brings us to the current global health epidemic…

In summary, when our soils are sick, our plants get sick. When our plants are sick, we get sick.

Why are our soils so sick?

Our soils are so sick because of our unnatural agricultural practices over the past 75 years. Our soils are not meant to be laden with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These practices destroy the life in our soils, and hide the symptoms of underlying mineral deficiencies.

When a soil is completely remineralized and full of life, the plants grown in those soils will be so healthy, they will no longer attract insects and disease. A human being with no nutrient deficiencies responds in the exact same manner; they can be surrounded by sick people, but they’ll never get sick. The reason is that pathogens can’t overcome a healthy individual’s immune system.

How do we heal our soils?

There are two main actions that all compost junkies need to take to heal our soils:

1. Remineralize your soils.

2. Put the life back into your soils.
    This is where compost, and compost tea, fit into the picture. As you may know, well-made compost has an abundance of microbes, or life, within it. Actually, the composting process is 100% dependent on the activity of microbes. To learn more, please visit our how to compost page.

    When we add compost, or compost tea, to our gardens, lawns, or agricultural land, we are re-introducing all of this life back into these soils.

When we add this life back into soils that have also been remineralized, all of the microbes act to make these minerals readily available to plants. Once plants have become remineralized, the humans and animals who consume them will also become remineralized. As we alluded to earlier, once humans and animals become remineralized, they will experience optimal health. This leads into my ultimate goal and vision…

Compost Junkie’s Ultimate Goal

To facilitate and inspire, the growth of a tribe of
compost junkies, by providing creditable, high-value
information and solutions about compost.

tribe of compost junkies

Compost Junkie’s Vision

I foresee a world in which all living things radiate optimal health, including healthy soils, healthy plants, and healthy people.

For this to occur, we must acknowledge and understand that we are living within a closed-system; accept that our natural resources are finite; and think about the consequences of our actions on Mother Nature, before we act.

We all have the power to change.

We all have the power to make a difference.

We all have the power to heal.


What will YOU do?

Dave’s Bio

Compost junkie Dave has a honors bachelor of science degree from the University of Guelph. He also has a diploma in landscape construction and design from Humber College. Dave has worked in the professional landscape industry in Ontario for approximately 8 years. In 2009, he became a certified Organic Land Care Professional by the Society of Organic Urban Landcare (SOUL).

Dave has been involved in the field of agriculture for the past 5 years, including an internship at Everdale, an organic farm and sustainable learning center.

Dave spends his spare time gardening, composting, and reading. He is on his life-long quest to help people live healthier lives by educating them about soils, the growth of nutrient-dense food, and, of course, composting.

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