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Can I Put Moldy Items in My Compost Pile/Bin?

Is it okay to put moldy items in my compost pile?

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Nov 05, 2011
The Answer is a Big Ol’…
by: Compost Junkie Dave


Mold is naturally going to occur within your compost pile. You’ll really get to see the mold spreading if you’re using a static pile method (i.e. not turning your compost ingredients once your pile is built).

Mold is a fungi that helps breakdown many different ingredients within your pile, especially those hard-to-degrade woody substances (e.g. corn stalks, branches, and straw).

Think of yourself as doing your compost pile a favor…you’re inoculating it.

Nov 27, 2011
Moldy Compost Photos
by: Compost Junkie Dave

Attached are a few photos I took of the mold growing inside one of our compost bins. That’s NOT snow you’re seeing, that’s fungal hyphae…aka mold. It’s decomposing the compost ingredients underneath it, in this case, that’s litter and manure from our pet bunnies.

I also attached a picture of a moldy sweet potato which is being broken down.

The ingredients in this homemade compost bin have not been turned yet. We’re currently using a static composting method. Once the bin fills up, we’ll flip it into the adjacent bin and start again.

Hope this helps.

Happy Composting!





Apr 23, 2015
compost WARTS!!! lol
by: Anonymous

I have some STUFF which I will try to descibe growing inside my compost bin (which is actually my dormant garden area):
1. They look like little, round brown (some even have a touch of red), smooth topped wart like patches. They are actually hard patches but, when I tried to mix them into the soil, the patch itself was hard like all those little guys formed a tough sheet and the little warts/bubbles popped open dispensing a spray of powder.

2. There was a hard patch of red colored stuff that looked like someone had poured something onto the top of the soil and it hardened.

Very weird stuff to me but, I’m not a compost JUNKIE. Wish I was!!! lol

Jun 18, 2015
mold in my start up pile
by: bkny

Hi everyone, Your experience and advice are great to me.
I dont have enough brown stuff either. Primarily veggie and fruit scrap. I put in an old 35 gal garbage can. drilled holes on the side. try to turn it once a day. It is not enough. mold growing wild. Yesterday, I thought I saw little sprouts. and a wiggly worm.
I try to add more brown stuff. hard to find. only news paper, and the toilet roll center.
O yah, it smells and there are flies/bugs in there too. I still hope that this pile will do good in the end.
Thanks for your time and contribution.

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