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We Help You Find and Buy Compost

Are you looking for a place to buy compost? If so, look no further because has a huge database of U.S. and Canadian compost suppliers.

 Please use our free database to help locate and buy compost from a supplier near you. To start your free search, scroll down to the bottom of this page, and fill in the form. Once completed, we will search our database, and send you the compost supplier nearest you.

Our database contains a variety of compost suppliers, including:

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  • farmers
  • garden centers
  • compost manufacturers
  • landscape supply depots
  • municipalities
  • mushroom compost suppliers

A Common Problem – Where to Buy Compost

When we were working in the landscape and organic agricultural industries, we had an incredibly hard time trying to find compost suppliers. On top of that, if we were looking for high quality compost, we had an even harder time. By “high quality compost“, we mean compost with a paper trail. A supplier of high quality compost should…

  • know what ingredients went into the compost. For instance, they should be able to confirm that no harmful materials (e.g. biosolids and/or petrochemicals) were added to the pile.
  • have some sort of documentation showing that the compost reached adequate temperatures for killing harmful pathogens.
  • be able to verify that the compost didn’t go into an anaerobic state.
  • be able to verify that the compost went through a proper curing process.
  • possibly have organic certification. Please note that while there are more and more organically certified compost producers each year, they are still not very common.

Calling All Compost Suppliers

Do you or someone you know produce or sell compost? Better yet, do you or someone you know produce or sell high quality compost? Please see our definition of high quality compost above.

If so, please use our contact page to write to us. Tell us about yourself and your product, and we’d be happy to add you to our database. If you have a really good compost supplier and would like to tell us about them, please get their permission first. Once they’ve given you permission, please send us their information and we will add them to our database.

spent mushroom compost

Where Can I Purchase Mushroom Compost?

Mushroom compost suppliers are one of the most common suppliers in our free database. So where can you purchase it? Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll search our database to find the mushroom compost supplier nearest you.

Mushroom producers are great for us compost junkies because they create tonnes of spent mushroom compost each year. Better yet, by using spent mushroom compost, you’re making use of another industry’s waste product. That’s one of the
best things about composting…we literally
take someone’s trash and make it our treasure.

Is spent mushroom compost good for our gardens?

You bet! Spent mushroom compost is one of the best soil amendments for your lawn and ornamental gardens*.

Some people are taken aback by that last statement, because they believe mushroom compost is full of pesticides and other harmful ingredients. Is this the case? Click here to learn more.

*We do not recommend using spent mushroom compost in your edible gardens, unless you do the two very important things listed here.

Different Quality for Different Uses

Due to the nature of compost and the variety of ingredients it can contain, the quality of the finished product can be quite different. For instance, the quality of compost you produce in your backyard is much different than the quality of compost produced by your municipality.

When you use the free form below to find and buy compost, we not only send you the compost supplier nearest you, we also rate this supplier’s compost for quality. Our rating system is quite simple. All of our suppliers fall within one of three quality ratings:

1. Decent Quality


When you buy compost rated “decent quality”, we do not know the original ingredients, nor can we verify that it has completely cured. When this quality of compost is used, it may temporarily tie up nutrients in your soil while it finishes composting. This is not a bad thing, as long as it is used in the recommend ways (see recommended uses below). Please note, these composts are usually the cheapest in terms of price.

Recommended Uses:

Established lawns (2+ years since sodding or seeding), established (3+ years since planting) ornamental gardens (e.g. perennial gardens and shrubs), and established (3+ years since planting) trees.

2. Good Quality


When you buy compost rated “good quality”, we may or may not know the original ingredients, however, we can verify that it is completely cured. Good quality composts have typically reached optimal temperatures and have not gone anaerobic.

Recommended Uses:

All of the above uses plus new lawns, new ornamental gardens, and newly planted trees.

3. High Quality


When you buy compost rated “high quality”, we know: the original ingredients; that it has completely cured; that it has reached optimal temperatures; and that it has not gone anaerobic. More often than not, high quality composts have also been run through a screen, so their structure is quite uniform. Please note, high quality composts are usually the most expensive.

Recommended Uses:

All of the above uses plus edible (fruit and vegetable) gardens.

If you would like to learn more about organic lawn care before you buy compost, please visit our friend Earl at Comfy Lawn Landscaping.

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How much compost do you need?

To determine how much compost you will need, please use the following equation: (Length x Width x Height) / 27 = the amount of compost you will need in yards. Please make sure that the length, width, and height are all in feet before using the above equation.

For example, if your lawn was 50 feet long by 60 feet wide and you wanted to apply 1 inch (or 0.083 feet) of compost, the calculation would look like this: (50 x 60 x 0.083) / 27 = 9.2 yards of compost.