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Take The Confusion Out of Brewing Compost Tea

Step 2
Only Use High Quality Foods and Supplies

If you’re brewing compost tea, you more than likely want to accomplish several goals – increase the microbial life in your soils, increase the health of your plants, decrease the pest pressure in your gardens, increase the yield of your crops, and/or grow more nutrient-dense crops. While these are not the only qualities that compost tea can add to your garden, they are a starting point.

The FACT is…when you increase the microbial life in your soils, your entire garden system will perform better. And as far as we know, there are only a handful of ways to accomplish this:

  • Apply high quality aerated compost tea

    Here is a set of step-by-step instructions about how to make compost tea.

  • Add compost

  • Add various microbe foods/fertilizers directly to the soil

  • Keep your soils covered at all times…Mulch! Mulch! Mulch!

  • Ensure your soils have adequate levels of moisture…Mulch!

The remainder of this page will focus on point number one above. More specifically, we are going to teach you about some of the best ingredients for brewing compost tea.

The KEY to Brewing Compost Tea

There is one factor that will influence the quality of your compost tea more than any other – the quality of your ingredients (i.e. microbe foods and compost).

Unless you want to spend months, or even years, experimenting with different compost tea recipes, your best option is to choose ingredients that are proven to work!

For example, the Microbe Food Kits that we offer below produce a compost tea that has 3rd-party lab results verifying that they WORK!

So if it’s results you’re after when brewing compost tea, doesn’t it make sense to start with a mixture of ingredients that you already know WORK? If you still want to experiment with your compost tea recipes afterward, at least you’ll have a standard to compare against and to resort back to if your experiments don’t work out. This makes the most sense to us.

Now let’s learn a little more about brewing compost tea with these ingredients and supplies…

5-gallon Microbe Food Kit

compost tea food

This Microbe Food Kit provides you with enough compost and microbe food for 5 brews. These kits have been extensively tested and are guaranteed to consistently produce high numbers of beneficial microbes in every brew. Here are two sets of lab results for teas that were brewed using these kits: Lab 1 and Lab 2.

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compost tea foods

The Pro-Kits were created by Keep It Simple (KIS) to brew compost tea that contained a higher number of beneficial microbes than was achievable using the above Microbe Food Kits. The founder of KIS, Leon, spent more than two years refining this recipe. The end result was a combination of compost and microbe food that created a tea that was high in fungal numbers and biodiversity.

Each 5-gallon Pro-Kit contains the following ingredients:

– 1 Nutrient-rich food package

– 1 Pre-measured compost package (a mix of two different types of compost)

– 1 Storage and brewing instructions

Note: Each Pro-Kit contains enough food and compost for one brew.

Pro-Kit orders are not made until ordered so that you are provided with the freshest, most aerobic compost possible. The compost is “activated” so the beneficial microorganisms are ready-to-go straight into your brewer upon arrival. All compost is packaged in recycled organic coffee burlap sacks and then put into boxes with holes drilled in them to allow the compost to breathe as much as possible during shipment. Great care is taken in getting the highest quality product to you as quickly as possible! Pro-Kits may be stored for up to 6 months, but we recommend brewing compost tea with them as soon as possible for optimal results.

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Humic Acids (TeraVita)

humic acids

Humic acids are primarily found in manure, peat, lignite coal, and leonardite. Leonardite is a highly oxidized form of organic matter and the source for our humic acids. Humic acids work great as a food substrate and food for beneficial microorganisms when brewing compost tea.

Humic acids have been shown to increase seed germination rates and percentages, assist in breaking up compacted soils and clay, assist in transferring micro-nutrients from the soil to the plant, and enhance water retention.

If you’re having disease problems or want to increase the fungal component in your tea, we highly recommend adding humic acids. Only 1 Tablespoon of SP-85 or SP-90 is sufficient in the Keep It Simple 5-gallon brewer. Humic acids can also be applied in a separate application as a soil amendment. For more information, please visit TeraVita.

What is the difference between SP-85 and SP-90?

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LC-10 Plus 7

liquid humic acids

LC-10 Plus 7 is a liquid humate concentrate, and it may just be the best humate product we offer to homeowners and organic growers. TeraVita LC-10 Plus 7 is a solution of organic chelates formed by bonding liquid humate concentrate with 7 vital nutrients needed for plant health and nutrition. The 7 nutrients are Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Cobalt, and Molybdenum. You can apply this product to your soil or directly on the plant as a foliar application. Click here for a closer look at the label on the LC-10 Plus 7.

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Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder

seaweed extract

This product is a soluble extract of Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed. We highly recommend using it when brewing compost tea. It’s a great addition to any well-balanced nutrition program for your plants.

It is 100% water-soluble, 100% natural, and has no preservatives. It should be stored in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

Why Use Seaweed Extract?

  • Rich in both macro- and micro-nutrients (i.e. trace minerals). The latter is typically why we use it.

  • One of the only mineral sources that contains Iodine.

  • Contains valuable plant-hormones that act to stimulate growth.

  • A good source of amino-acids which in turn act as food for your soil microbes.

  • Increases frost-resistance in your plants.

Click here for a more detailed description of use.

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Compost Tea Bags

Re-Usable Mesh Bag for a 5-gallon Bucket

compost tea bag

As shown in the picture, these mesh compost tea bags have an elastic band that fits over the top of a 5-gallon bucket. We typically use these compost tea bags for straining our finished tea.

Re-Usable Mesh Bag for the 5-gallon Brewer

compost tea bags

The compost tea bags that we’re selling look identical to the bag on the left, except they do not have a drawstring sewn in. The bag can be closed using a zip tie, then washed and re-used accordingly. These compost tea bags are the same as the bags that are used in the Microbe Food Kits above. These bags work really well when brewing compost tea in the KIS 5-gallon Brewer System.

Our store is currently closed for internal upgrades. In the meantime, please visit our supplier directly – KIS Organics